Kombucha Publications

Researches and publications in relation to Kombucha

So far, several books and papers have been published by the researchers all over the world. Some of these publications have been welcomed by the readers and known as the best selling, like the books of German Gunter Frank that has studied Kombucha for some decades. One of his books, Kombucha – Das Teepilz-Getränk, was selected as the ”bestseller” during 1989-1995 in Germany and USA (in the languages German and English) and has been translated into 30 languages. The effect of this book and the following American researches on Kombucha, led to its production development.
In 1960, German Prof. Edward Stadelmn, mentioned 260 writings on Kombucha in his literature review. But now it has been increased up to 700 books and many papers which has been published in several countries. Of which, some have been mentioned here.