Kombucha Drinking Points

A few Points in Relation to Kombucha Consumption

Drink Kombucha as a cool beverage to experience the real taste of a drink

Do not expose Kombucha bottles to the direct sunlight

You can drink Kombucha  at any time of the day and as much as you can. In the countries and regions which Kombucha consumption is common, people drink this beverage0.5-1 liter per day.

The therapeutic effect of kombucha is due to the continued use and it should not be expected to observe its health benefit in short time. Its remedial properties appear after some days, some weeks or other some months.

There has been no report of Kombucha side- effects. In early days, the people with the sensitive stomach should consume it 1-2 cups/day and increase it gradually up to 0.5-1 liter/day (adults more than 18), to develop the symbiosis between organic acids of Kombucha and the body cells. Gunter Frank (German scientist) that has researched on Kombucha more than 40 years, has suggested the dose of Kombucha consumption according to the age range:

15-17 years (3/4 of adults’ dose), 10-14 years (1/2 of adults), 5-9 years (1/3 of adults), 3-4 years (1/4 of adult) and 1-2 years (1/5-1/10 of adults). He mentions that pregnant and nursing women and also infants( little than 1 year old) should not drink Kombucha preferably, because it contains some enzymes which is not digestible for the infants. Kombucha purifies liver, kidney and digestive system which is not suitable for the growing infants. On the other hand, Kombucha has the property of detoxification and is lipotropic. The toxins may transfer to the mother’s milk that is dangerous for the infants.

Slight odor of vinegar smell of Kombucha is due to acetic acid. This acid and some other compounds of Kombucha is suitable for curing hyperlipidemia and fatty liver. Natural and non-preservative Kombucha produces a little gas. So, minor swelling of Kombucha bottles is due to the gas and its sour taste, not for being decayed. It is a natural phenomenon.

The particles sedimented on Kombucha is the continued activity of live and probiotic microorganisms in Kombucha. So, if undesirable, pass it through a filter before drinking.

The people with gastrointestinal upset stomach, they had better not drink Kombucha on an empty stomach, because it may cause the cramps or heartburn. It is preferred to drink Kombucha in the middle of the meal or a little after that.