About Us

ARYAX Company, is producer of functional (superfood) & organic beverages and foods. One of the main healthy and functional products of ARYAX is the Bio Organic fermented Kombucha. ARYAX produces Bio Organic Kombucha as Beverage, as Vinegar, as Compound, and as raw material for medicine and cosmetic products. New production center of ARYAX in Armenia (Yerevan) with 5 production lines (opening 2020) will be the largest factory in Middle East and Asia for production of Bio Organic Kombucha (fermented Beverage & Vinegar) with several million liters capacity monthly.

It is important to note that some products of ARYAX are still not produced industrial in huge mass and capacities worldwide or these can be founded very rarely or has been produced traditionally and locally in small capacities, such as Bio Organic Kombucha Vinegar, Organic Kombucha Extract and Kombucha Capsules. ARYAX intends to produce these superfood healthy products in huge mass and the goal of ARYAX for 2025 is to become the largest Bio Organic Kombucha producer worldwide with up to 10 (ten) million liters capacity in month.